Water quality control

Control calidad del agua Hidraqua (bloque 1)

Your water should be quality water

Water quality control is our main goal


We have developed an Annual Analytical Control Plan in conjunction with the health authorities, which establishes test frequency and parameters for controls, ensuring at all times full compliance with regulations (Royal Decree 140/2003, regulating health criteria for the quality of water for human consumption, Royal Decree 314/2016, which incorporates basic criteria for health protection against hazards derived from ionising radiation in water for human consumption, and Royal Decree 902/2018, amending Royal Decree 140/2003, and Decree 58/2006, implementing Royal Decree 140/2003).

These results are then sent to the Ministry of Health and entered into the National Drinking Water Information System (SINAC), where members of the public can consult the classification of their town’s water supply.

To establish drinkability levels, researchers use as a daily consumption benchmark of someone drinking an average of two litres of tap water a day for 70 years, with very generous safety margins.

Control Calidad del Agua Paramétros a analizar Hidraqua (imágenes)

Test parameters

three control valves through which the water passes to be analysed

Distribution network control test

To determine the physicochemical, organoleptic and microbiological characteristics of the water

corridor where you can see water tanks to be analyzed

Complete analysis of the network and tanks

To determine the organoleptic, physicochemical, metal, trihalomethane, pesticide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and microbiological content.

four valves vertically and next to the hand of a person holding a yellow safety helmet

Radioactivity analysis

In accordance with the latest modification, Royal Decree 140 establishes that potential radioactivity in drinking water must be tested.

a person performing laboratory tests

On-site testing of residual free chlorine

To guarantee correct disinfection of water

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Drinking water is one of the world's most controlled resources. We have automatic control systems that provide continuous remote control over water quality indicators, such as residual chlorine, conductivity, turbidity, pH and temperature.

At Hidraqua, we carry out lab controls in compliance with the Drinking Water Quality Control Plan, which establishes the health criteria for the quality of drinking water.

Select your town or municipality here to learn about the physicochemical properties of its drinking water.

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