Reutilización Hidraqua

Circular economy through water

Reclaimed water
for sustainable consumption

Adequate treatment of industrial wastewater and its subsequent reuse in a myriad of ways contributes to sustainable water consumption and environmental regeneration of public water and sea resources and related ecosystems, not forgetting that quality water is a critical raw material for industry.

At Hidraqua, we have always been keen to encourage reuse of treated water in different ways, involving numerous agents who are interested in using this resource in its second life.

Hidraqua’s concept of the municipal water cycle is based on the idea that wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) are a further stage in the cycle, thus changing the generally held view of treatment plants as the final stage in managing the water cycle.

This concept means wastewater treatment is also a source of supply. WWTPs are production plants that generate a valid and necessary resource from waste at a much lower environmental and economic cost than other water management strategies proposed (such as water transfers between basins and desalination), thereby fostering the circular economy.

Based on this and with the help of the Discharge Control Plan and appropriate wastewater treatment, the reuse requirements stipulated in Royal Decree 1620/2007, sanitation factors and river basin authority guidelines are met.