Integrated Management Policy

Política de gestión integrada Hidraqua

Working towards sustainable development

At Hidraqua, we realise that our business is directly related to people’s quality of life. Therefore, we try and apply the following principles in all our decisions:

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Dialogue
  • Developing sustainable business
  • Local development

We have an Integrated  Management Policy and an Occupational Health and Safety Policy to achieve this aim, which are based on the three pillars of sustainable social, environmental and efficiency-based.

Drops of water sliding down a leaf of a plant

We have obtained certificates aligned to our efforts in providing a quality service and creating a safe, optimum working environment for our employees.

  • Certificate of quality

    Hidraqua implements a Quality Management System that adds value to the organisation and provides a framework for setting goals in the following areas within its business scope:
    • The drinking water supply and associated management services (purchasing, catchment, drinking water treatment, desalination, storage, disinfection, distribution, facility and network maintenance, water quality control, cleaning of water tanks and confined spaces in general).
    • Management and maintenance of sewer systems and sanitation.
    • Collection, treatment and conservation, maintenance and operating services for treatment plants, pumping stations and wastewater collection networks.
    • Inspection and testing of wastewater and control of wastewater discharges and sludge from treatment.
    • Commercial management of the complete water cycle: contracts, installation, meter reading and maintenance, billing, payment, managing non-payments and customer care.

    The Quality and Environmental Management Systems are certified with standard ISO 9001:2015 and standard ISO 14001:2015 respectively.

    Certificado ISO 9001:2005
  • Occupational health and safety system certification

    Hidraqua affirms its commitment to the health and safety of its workers and partners, its facilities, the environment and the community wherever it operates. To implement it, our company has established the following goals:

    • To be a leader in occupational health and safety in the water industry.
    • To build a shared occupational health and safety culture that helps eliminate hazards, reduce risks and provide safe and healthy working conditions.
    • Continuous improvement involving all interested parties and the implementation of new technologies.
    To ensure the correct application of these goals, our management system complies with technical specification ISO 45001:2018.