Local initiatives


Hidraqua personnel taking data in EDAR facilities


BIObserva is a pioneering corporate programme in Spain to monitor biodiversity in facilities managed by Hidraqua. It is a citizen science project in which the staff of the Hidraqua wastewater treatment plants provide data from birdwatching.
The facilities we manage are home to a wide range of biodiversity and we can consciously strive to contribute to this. The data collected by BIObserva will be used as a basis for scientific study on the state of bird populations and the effects of climate change, among other things.

Coach Exit

Coach Exit

Coach Exit is a corporate volunteering initiative that aims to improve the employability of young people at risk of social exclusion through coaching and mentoring. To do this, the Exit Foundation trains corporate volunteers from leading socially responsible multinational companies to become coaches to these young people. In this way, young people learn about the business world from an insider so that they might discover their vocation and be motivated to continue their studies. Volunteers are trained in a technique that can be applied to their daily work while getting to know young people from whom they can also learn a lot, requiring them to activate new skills in communication, attention to diversity, leadership and more.

Coach Exit Session

Repoblación de áreas forestales incendiadas

Repopulation tasks

Repopulation of areas affected by forest fires

In 2016, Hidraqua, in conjunction with Aquae Foundation, started the first reforestation campaign in eight hectares of forest destroyed by fire in May 2015 in Pego. Today, 7,000 saplings are estimated to have survived. The aim of the initiative is to offset the carbon footprint generated by companies while helping repopulate the area with holm oaks (Quercus ilex rotundifolia) and kermes oaks (Quercus coccifera). These are native species whose seeds were collected from the area and certified by the official services, recognising their appropriate origin. They are resilient and can reshoot, guaranteeing a forest that is resistant and adapted to future climate change scenarios.

Colaboraciones académicas con la Universidad

Academic partnerships with universities

Hidraqua has signed research agreements with universities in the Community of Valencia to promote R&D&I projects, academic chairs, sponsorship of academic activities and work experience in the company. These agreements involves working with the University of Valencia to research into improving environmental sustainability in wastewater treatment; with the Miguel Hernández University of Elche to produce value-added compost from treatment sludge and urban pruning waste; and with the University of Alicante Philharmonic Orchestra, among others. de colaboración.

Signing of an agreement with the University of Alicante

Let’s Clean Up Europe

initiative poster

Let’s Clean Up Europe

This European volunteering initiative aims to unite waste collection in natural spaces throughout Europe on the same days in May, involving and reaching as many people as possible. The aim of the event is to give participants a first-hand look at the amount of waste that is illegally tipped and raise awareness of the importance of waste prevention and everything that can, and should, be done to reduce the volume and harmfulness of waste. The activity involves company volunteers in conjunction with other local bodies.

Cata de aguas

Water tasting

We regularly organise travelling water-tasting workshops. First, the proper procedure for tasting water is explained, followed by a practical part in which 11 types of water from different sources are tasted. The study is carried out using sensory analysis, with testing by participants and an approach similar to that used in market research when a new product is launched. Samples include bottled mineral water, water from wells, water from desalination plants and a combination from various sources. All the samples are numbered so that the tasting is blind: participants do not initially know which water they are tasting. At the end of the workshop, participants complete a survey, which is analysed to provide a final report on their opinion of the samples.

Several people doing water tasting


Girls and mentors participating in Technovation


Technovation is an international project whose aim is to bring technology and entrepreneurship to young girls. The idea is to promote the idea of scientific and technological careers, increasingly in demand from companies, among them and reduce the gender gap. The programme is aimed at girls aged 10 to 18 who work in teams of up to 5 members. The challenge for these groups is to design and programme a mobile app that meets a local social and/or environmental need. In addition, they have to create a business plan to launch the app. Hidraqua volunteers participate in training, leading Dinapsis teams and mentoring the girls how have volunteered to take part in the project.