Key figures

Datos Significativos

Transparency, the key to good water management

Hidraqua, managing your water

At Hidraqua, we manage the drinking water service of 79 towns, in which we distribute practically 160 million cubic metres a year to a population of over 2.1 million people.

Using the latest technology and effective knowledge management, our 1,100 employees meet and adapt to the needs of all our customers and ensure sustainable use of available resources.

These are some of the key figures and indicators for 2017:

  • Technical figures

    Drinking water
    79 towns and municipalities
    2.1 million inhabitants supplied
    1,174,064 customers
    160,443,133 m3 of water supplied
    2,174 water quality control tests each year
    11,924 km of drinking water network
    Treated wastewater
    77 wastewater treatment plants (including Aquambiente and joint ventures)
    75,493,710 m3 of wastewater
    Sewer system
    5,684 km of sewer network
    142,012 gutters cleaned per year
    27.85 km of vacuum network
    Water reuse
    27,089,623 m3 of reclaimed water
    Smart metering
    Over 700 field stations
    Over 4,000 sensors in the network
    Over 1,000,000 daily readings
  • Figures on people

    1,183 professionals
    4.5 times fewer accidents with sick leave compared to other companies in the sector
    21.6% of management positions held by women
    2011, year of the first Equality Plan
    2% with disability
  • Economic figures

    €268,457,611 in turnover
    €9,372,570 investment in the community
    €4,554,589 towards renovation funds
    1,856 local suppliers
    €53,170,356 billed with local suppliers
  • Social responsibility figures

    €711,098 social investment in the community
    €721,846 to charity funds
    €6,214,427 interest-free funding for late payment
    9,513 school students who have participated in our educational campaigns
    25,846 families benefiting from support schemes
    936,627 people attended by customer services (office, hotline and online)
  • Environmental figures

    80.6% mean technical performance in towns managed by us
    100% electricity consumption from renewable sources
    86,841 tonnes of waste recovered
    55,961 customers alerts for excessive consumption
    9 hectares of countryside restored after forest fires
    4,690 kWh of renewable energy generated for use by wastewater treatment plants