The consumer's tap

Grifo del Consumidor Genérico

We monitor tap water quality

We improve the drinking water service in the city

At Hidraqua we have extended the controls carried out on the water we supply through a programme to control consumers' tap water.

This programme consists of taking double samples, i.e. an initial sample from the network before it enters private installations and another one directly from private homes, public buildings and companies.

These samples are analysed and compared to detect possible anomalies in the indoor installations (indoor pipes, shared tanks, etc.). This sampling campaign is voluntary customers and involves no extra cost.

Control of tap water is a legal requirement of Royal Decree 140/2003 that your town's city council and Hidraqua have promoted to improve the city's drinking water service.

  • Objectives of the campaign

    • To identify the quality of the drinking water in consumers’ taps.
    • To establish the state of indoor drinking water distribution installations and detect possible deficiencies.
    • To supplement characterisation of drinking water quality in the distribution network and detect and correct possible deficiencies in the town’s drinking water distribution network.
  • Sampling system

    Samples are taken by qualified personnel. Company staff visit homes or businesses with their accreditation, having first arranged a time with the customer by phone.

    Once the analyses have been carried out by the laboratory, the full report is sent to the customer, along with recommendations to improve deficiencies.

If you want to be a volunteer so that the tap water in your home or business is analysed, you can contact us