Welcome to the Hidraqua website

Environmental sustainability
and commitment to people

Hidraqua is a company in the water and environment sector whose work (catchment, drinking water treatment, distribution, wastewater treatment and reuse) has been carried out through concessions and mixed companies in 79 towns in the Community of Valencia since 1971.

Since then, the company has invested in transforming the traditional complete water cycle into the sustainable water cycle, thanks to the introduction of eco-innovation, eco-design and new working methods aimed at preserving natural resources based on the circular economy model.

From this perspective, Hidraqua also works in the local community, strengthening local economies and promoting social engagement.

  • Mission

    Manage water sustainably by introducing new processes and stages to guarantee natural resources for the economic, environmental and social development of towns where we operate.
  • Vision

    Be a responsible company and a benchmark in the management of the sustainable water cycle, recognised for its investment in advanced, sustainable technologies to provide a quality service in close proximity to the public, ensure ethical management with a firm commitment to sustainable development and generate shared value for all our stakeholders.
  • Values

    • Talent.
    • Ethics.
    • Environmental awareness.
    • Dialogue.
    • Innovation.
    • Responsibility.