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Over 50 technologies and investment in the circular economy enabled Hidraqua to save 39 million cubic metres of water in the last year


Centro tecnológico Dinapsis


For years, Hidraqua’s work has been based on a model that invests in sustainable development. Indeed, under the umbrella of the SUEZ business group, the company has designed the Rewater Global Plan, a strategic plan for sustainable development for the period 2017-2021, to align its business strategy with the UN 2030 Agenda's Sustainable Development Goals.

Commitments and strategies in the plan include climate change, circular economy, access to water and equality. It also stresses conservation of water, through responsible use and reuse of the resource. To achieve this aim, Hidraqua and its affiliated companies foster innovation—through the use of over 50 technologies—and reuse as the cornerstones of sustainable water management. Work in this field has enabled Hidraqua and its affiliated companies to save 39 million cubic metres of drinking water in the last year. It is important to remember that a cubic metre of water is the same as 1,000 litres.