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Hidraqua, Aguas de Alicante and the Exit Foundation join forces to reduce school drop-out rates and youth unemployment


La plantilla de estas empresas mentoriza, orienta y motiva a los jóvenes para que continúen sus estudios y mejoren su futura empleabilidad


Hidraqua and Aguas de Alicante have started working together on the Exit Foundation Coach Project, a company volunteer initiative whose aim is to improve the employability of young people through techniques such as coaching and mentoring.

This is a project with a high impact on young people and company volunteers, who guide and motivate the youths to continue their studies.

This morning, some of the students taking part in this programme in Alicante visited the Aguas de Alicante facilities to get a first-hand look at the company’s work. Francisco Bartual, CEO of Aguas de Alicante and Hidraqua, welcomed the students, who were then accompanied by some of the volunteers from the companies taking part in the programme and by the Hidraqua and Aguas de Alicante Sustainable Development and Equality Manager, Amelia Navarro.

During the reception, Bartual highlighted the importance of training, both before entering the labour market and throughout professional life: ‘In companies we must be capable of communicating our social responsibility policies to all staff and getting them involved. To do this, we will continue promoting corporate voluntary actions linked to our work, our values as an organisation and our commitment to the society in which we operate’.