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Hidraqua, Aguas de Alicante and the Emplea Foundation launch a competition to adopt a social initiative promoting innovation and the environment


Hidraqua, Aguas de Alicante y Fundación Emplea lanzan un concurso para apadrinar una iniciativa social que apueste por la innovación y el medioambiente


Aguas de Alicante and Hidraqua, in conjunction with the Emplea Foundation, have called for entries to participate in the pilot programmes ‘Social Innovation Challenge Alicante 2019’. This first such competition for social organisations and entrepreneurs will promote ideas and initiatives that have an impact on job creation and improving the employability of vulnerable groups in society, while also potentially contributing to protecting and conserving the environment and/or digital transformation.

The funding earmarked for this initiative comes from the money raised at the charity concert last November in the Teatro Principal, organised by the University of Alicante, together with Aguas de Alicante and Hidraqua, in conjunction with Alicante City Council.

The deadline for social organisations and entrepreneurs registered in the province of Alicante to send their proposals is 25 February. Participants can send their initiatives by email to, together with the documentation stated in the terms and conditions. Any doubts or suggestions participants may have can be sent to the same address.