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Hidraqua discusses sustainable development, management models and water quality at the National Water Congress in Orihuela


Hidraqua aborda el desarrollo sostenible, los modelos de gestión y la calidad del agua en el Congreso Nacional del Agua de Orihuela

On 21 and 22 February 2019, the La Lonja Auditorium in Orihuela will be hosting the National Water Congress: innovation and sustainability. This is a meeting that brings together renowned academic experts in water and agriculture; the water economy; governance, law and public policy; treatment, reuse and desalination; surface and groundwater; and, finally, water and cities. Each of these blocks will have a round table, the most widely used format at this scientific meeting organised by Orihuela City Council and the University of Alicante Institute of Water and Environmental Sciences (IUACA).

Hidraqua, as the leading company in the complete water cycle in the Community of Valencia, will participate in three talks on the topics of sustainable development, management models and water quality.