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Being responsible means fulfilling obligations or also taking care about and paying attention to what we do and decide on. This is only a definition, but at HIDRAQUA it is an unavoidable part of our very essence as a company.
Our responsibility to society in general is a commitment made when the company was created and it is an inherent part of the service we offer.

This approach is reflected on a daily basis in our actions to protect the environment, in our adoption of advanced, clean technologies, in our investment in innovation, in our involvement to extend and improve access to water and, ultimately, in our desire to engage in dialogue and collaborate with strategic interest groups such as: our customers, our human team, government agencies, environmental groups, local communities and suppliers.

Only thus can we fulfil our greatest vocation, that of meeting the expectations of millions of people around the world who place their trust in our work.

At HIDRAQUA we change to progress.
We progress to innovate.
We innovate to give you a better service every day.

At HIDRAQUA we are clear about our commitment to customers and aspire to build closer relationships with our customers day by day. We want to stay true to our responsibility to look after them.

HIDRAQUA, the care of water.